Early April Farm Trip

Arrived at the Farm Sunday evening.  It has been cold and rainy, so I did one day of inside work putting together hive components (see previous post).  Tuesday and Wednesday were cold, windy and wet, and I simply did not have the energy to get out in it.  I slept most of both days and nights. Am probably still a bit weak from last Wednesday chemo blast.

Today, however, was sunny and very windy.  I have some panels on some building that I am going to have to re-screw on.  Damn wind is brutal!  I now have all the hive deeps assembled and and the wood treated.  All that is left of assembly work is five supers, which I don't need right now, and a lot of frames.  This work can wait as I won't need the supers or the frames until nectar flow comes on strong.

The assembled parts are now loaded on my work trailer behind the 686.  Had to get some sixteen foot posts off the trailer first.  Good thing my renter was around, I can't even come close to handling those posts. Justin seemed glad to help out and I appreciate it.

My next door neighbor to the East called this afternoon to ask if he could spread dry pasture fertilizer on the pasture that we rent to him. That is fine of course. Taking care of those pastures is part of the deal and I know I can count on Tim to do that. After all, it benefits his cattle as much as it does my pasture. The pasture is already greening up a bit, and seeing that feels good.  The cold rainy weather is good for something....