Early March - 2017

A warm day, orer 60 degrees F.  And a lot of wind, steady 10-15 with 25mph gusts. Bees were a bit agitated, but active and appearing healthy.  Gave the West hive a fresh pail of sugar syrup.  Had to wait a while to work with the Italian in the East hive as they were defensive and very active.

April will be interesting.  I need to order one more hive and four more supers for this year.  I will be splitting the Italians (West hive), and need something for the new colony.  The additional supers will be needed sooner or later no matter what.  Looks like some investment is in order.

Overall, I am pleased with the way the three hives have come through the winter. We will see how this all progresses this summer.  I have to kill off the three acres of CRP planting right in front of where the hives sit and replant with the appropriate mix.  There was a mix-up last year and the wrong seed was planted.  So I have to redo that planting this spring.  Not only is it expensive, but to kill off the previously planted stuff, I am going to have to use roundup.  I hate using that shit!  However, a good neighbour has offered to do the spraying for me and is aware of how carefully this will have to be done.

I will be spending some time on the tractor this spring.  I will need to double-disk the three acres after the burn-down, then plant the new seed, then cul-de-pak to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.  At $400.00/acre, this seed has to grow!  Am looking forward to seeing all the flowering plants though...