Weakening Hives and Missing Brood.... August 1st

I was at the Farm for a few days about two weeks ago.  I had done a check on the hives on a hot July day and found myself a bit concerned about the West hive.  No new brood.

Both Carniolan hives seems to be rather lackluster.  The center hive was still working on brood and honey in the second deep.  No work what-so-ever on the super I had place two weeks before.  Looking at the center hive today, I see very little change.  Both deeps are full just like two weeks ago, though there is some room in the outer frames of the second deep.  But this is a serious down-trend from the progress that I have seen prior to July.  I had removed the supers from both Carniolan hives last trip down.  My thought was that there was no sense having them there if the bees were busy trying to build population.

The West hive is really concerning.  I hope to look for the queen this evening while it is cooler.  I am afraid that I won't find one, which is what I am suspecting based on my short visit this morning.  Not sure what I should do about that....

The center hive still has some brood that I can see, but very little.  Some of the brood cells are capped low in the cell, and other do not look right.  There are drone cells down at the bottom of a couple of the frames, but as many as before.  Honey cells are capped and look normal surrounding the brood cells on the frames.  So I am unsure about this hive too, though not nearly so much as the West hive.

The East hive (Italians) is going amazingly well.  One super is 100% full, up from 80% full when I last visited.  A second super that I put on ten days ago when I last visited, is 50% - 60% full.  I took the supers intended for the Carniolans and put them on the East hive.  Might as well I figure.  The full super must weigh at least 50lbs.  I put a single full frame of honey from the full super into each of the empty supers and an empty frame from the empty supers into the full super.  Not sure what I am doing there, but the thought is that the familiar comb and honey in the empty supers will encourage work in them.  Maybe just wishful thinking...  All that said: The East hive now has two completely full deeps topped by two empty supers(other than the full frames from the previously filled super and subsequently topped by the full super(minus the two frames I moved into the lower empty supers).  This hive is really going well!

Now to head back out and see if I can figure out what has the Carniolans slowed down....

Working on honey!

A good looking frame...

East hive of Italians

Center hive of Carni's