Was working the fields last evening, getting ready for todays round of getting CRP seed in the ground.  I stopped by the hives to check to see how they were progressing....

Wow!  All three hives are well on their way to having 50% to 60 % of the comb drawn out on the frames.  Lots of capped cells.  The sugar buckets were bone dry, and the pollen patties just about gone.  I have to make up some sugar water for them this morning and get the pollen patties out of the freezer.

The bottom of the brood chambers are still fairly clean.  Everything looks good thus far....  At this rate, the second deep will have to go on by mid-June or sooner.  Now that mid-spring bloom is full on, the sugar water may not be critical, but it can't hurt the way I figure it.

The bees were again very tolerant of my messing about.  I did not have any protective gear with me, nor even a smoker.  There were a couple of times when I moved a little too quickly while handling a frame and it was made known to me that such behavior was not acceptable.  No stings though, just a couple of guards sent out to make some noise and do a bit it dive-bombing(but without the bombs).  I found that if I simply moved slowly back a few feet and wait twenty seconds or so, the bees would settle back down and I could continue on.

Now to be off to do some more field work... and drop of some supplies to the bees...and let them do what they do on their own.  They don't seem to need much from me right now.

That is the way it should be I think.