Harvest Complete - Almost

The oats is in the Harvestor, the corn is in the dry storage bin, the beans are out and stored, the straw is baled and long ago sold, corn fodder has been chopped...  .  So it should be all done, pack up, go fishing or just sleep late for a week or two.  Sure thing!  Not!

Corn fodder has yet to be raked, baled, loaded on the buyers trailer.  The IH1086 needs to be checked over and cleaned.  The 18 foot bat wing mower needs some serious work.  The Case IH 674 needs a going over.  The combine needs cleaning as well as maintenance.  Insurance agents contacted.  The FSA office needs to know what our yields were.  Waterers need to be checked out for winter use.

The list goes on...and on.  A small farm is not less work than a large farm, the same work has to be done, with a lot fewer resources.  The bookwork/paperwork alone is pretty time consuming.

All that said, this is another transition time.  Next year is imminent, but this year still has the best to offer.  The wild grapes in the fence lines will be good after the first frost.  Walking the pastures is like being in a dream; everything is fresh, and there is a certain joyous calamity exuded by the sharp colors of leaves giving off the last of their existence in a cacophony of silent triumph.  The leaves go as I wish to go; Triumphant.

Yes, there is a lot of work left, but the awesome views that go with this work incur moments of just standing and staring, greasy hands and dust fogged glasses, bleeding fingers and shins all forgotten.

Those views are probably one of the most potent pain killers of all time.