Time to begin looking forward to the new year.  Not that we ever really stopped.  But there have been  a few snow melts now, land taxes are paid, and we are looking at March in a couple of days.  There is plenty to do, more than we can get done or afford.  I attended the MOSES conference in LaCrosse to see what I might learn about doing some organics.  Both encouraging and overwhelming.  ...one step at a time.. 

I think that it is important to look in this direction though.  I am very aware of the genetics and chemicals we use to get our yields.  It is not something I am comfortable with.  To me, it seems a lot like steroids.  Once you get started, you have to keep using, and  if you keep using, you burn up.  If one considers that one must be certified to apply the chemicals that we currently do, for safety reasons, how good can that be?  Regardless of of that, the market is there for organics.  The trick is getting there..  Where does one start?  And how does one make money during the transition? 

Diversify...  Will have to see what we can do.. might this be the next path that the farm takes?  Providing unadulterated products.  I like it.  But it has to be good business too.  It needs to be prosperous, sustainable...