The cycle continues..

The adrenaline of the harvest is past, the machinery has been winterized and put away. Corn and bean contracts have been fulfilled. Hurricane Hills LLC has completed its first full year of operation. It is time to hunker down, get ready for cold and snow. The neighbors will be raising young stock in our buildings and livestock yards. The house will be heated by wood from the new outdoor wood burner. It originally had a coal furnace, and the coal cellar is still there at the front of the house. It housed the fuel oil tanks for the last 30 years or so. I still recall coal in that cellar, I was just a little boy then. Now we burn wood to heat it. Odd that .... . I am not sure why, but it strikes me as odd. We have gone from shoveling coal, to having fuel delivered, to cutting wood and loading it in a furnace just like we did the coal. Cycles of progress, where progress is measured in term of what is new to those present, even though the same thing has bein done before by those now gone.

We invested heavily in the the house this year, and fixed up what we now call the "dacha". Our summer home. Dacha sounds a lot better than 16x80 trailer house.. . We have a place to stay now when we go to the farm. Should be heading that way around Thanks Giving.

Otto, Meta, Nola, I think they would like what we are trying to do, if not how we are going about it. Overall, we are doing our predecessors proud I think. I have not been back to the grave site where Nola is. She did not go but maybe a couple of times a year to Grandpa and Grandma's grave either. It is close, only a half mile or so from the farm house. A place one drives by all the time, and it is a reminder. Not of death, but of lives lived fully and well, productively. That is enough, and as it should be I think. Not and end, but a passing on of responsibility.

Cycles continue..